MEDIA GROUP is not a legal entity. It is a management group that controls, supervises, coordinates, and maintains integrations and synergy of all business units and companies.

The history begins with the establishment of Indocater, industrial site catering company back in 1978. Since then the business has been growing significantly and continue expanding to other industries including hospitality, printed media and television, natural resources based industry, such as oil/gas and energy, coal mining and copper explorations, agro business and others.

In its journey, Media Group has recorded a series of changes following the social-economic situation. The spirit of Media Group, which also applies in every business institution, is an individual who involve in it from chairman, staffs and every employee. They are the main pillars that confirm our existence through corporate spirit.

Innovation, creativity, professionalism and dedication are the embodiment of our corporate spirit. Our business units are a local business in more than 30 provinces, islands and remote areas across Indonesia. The issues that challenge us are both the sustainability of our business as well as its communities.

We set goal from giving opportunity to teachers, students in our education and schools programs through out from West to East of Indonesia, giving away millions of books and reach out to many of “unsung heroes”, work hand in hand rebuild the schools facility after natural disaster.

Our employee has been inspired by the spirit, passion and commitment to continue in helping people in need. We are the front lines, giving help wherever is needed and devising unique ways to aid relief efforts.

Another important measure of Media Group’s commitment to corporate citizenship is the way we conduct business and works productively with all its stakeholders. Everything we do is guided by corporate philosophies, values, codes of conduct and company policies that ensure diversity and fair business practices among vendors, suppliers, and support collaboration with the governments and industry on many issues.

No company can aspire to have that kind of impact by working alone. Change is a group effort, crossing governments, NGOs, individuals and business. Working together is the only way that we can create solutions equal to the issues we all face.

The information in this website reflects our strong sense of responsibility in creating value for our employee, partnership with many privates, suppliers, local communities, governments and nongovernmental organizations.

Media Group as part of a good corporate citizen enthusiastically and believe that our business policies incorporate the ten principles of the Global Compact.

We are fully support our actions in working towards sustainability goals-in particular those contained in the UN Global Compact.

Corporate Philosophy

Making This Company And Its’ Resources Into Nation’s Assets

Becoming A Leader In Each Of Its Work Field Corporate Values

• Values Are Needed In Every Community/Organisation As An Attitude Foundation
• Media Group Partcipation In Ungc
• These Values Embodied Into Corporate Culture & Code Of Conduct

• Differentiation Between “Das Sein” and “Das Sollen”
• Guidance, Lighthouse, Direction/Purpose
• Spirit And Way Of Proceeding To Every Media Group Employees

We are Committed

“Enhance free drugs world for the youth, enabling youth capacities through journalism”

“Responsible to the communities by go local in all aspect of resources”

“Helping to improve the well-being of the people in the communities where we operate”

“Hand in hand, giving hope and changing lives”

“Providing schools for underpriviliged children in Aceh and through the science take part in nation character building”